Monthly Archives: novembre 2018

Hicksian Traverse Revisited: Conditions for the Energy Transition

This article analyzes the transition dynamics, what Hicks called the traverse, from one equilibrium toward another one—and the conditions for such a transfer—in a bi-sectoral economy under technological shocks.

Un modèle phénoménologique simple de la dynamique de population mondiale

Dans cet article, nous concevons un modèle phénoménologique de la dynamique mondiale de la population humaine en utilisant le produit mondial brut comme variable d’entrée exogène pour déterminer le taux de natalité et de mortalité de chaque groupe d’âge.

Foreign Demand and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Empirical Evidence with Implications for Leakage

In this paper, we estimate for the first time how production and emissions of manufacturing firms in one country respond to foreign demand shocks in trading partner markets.

Why conditional subsidies for risky innovative green projects should be prefered to flat subsidies

This paper analyzes the potential benefit of using subsidies conditional on success or failure of an R&D program, rather than a flat subsidy.