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Les intermédiaires financiers publics : un nouveau modèle de financement pour la transition énergétique ?

Cet article présente une analyse historique et une typologie originale des intermédiaires financiers publics qui révèle leur diversité et leurs avantages respectifs face à la transition énergétique. Il dresse un premier état des lieux des politiques d’investissement climatique des leaders européens

Internal migration and energy poverty in South Africa

Despite recent progress, energy poverty remains pervasive in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This challenge is generally more severe in rural areas. However, rapid urbanization adds...  

Who emits CO2? Landscape of ecological inequalities in France from a critical perspective

This article provides a panorama of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inequalities between French households. It presents in a detailed and critical manner the methodological...  

Finance and climate science: worlds apart?

Through a compared analysis of the perception and management of climate risks by financial risk managers and climate scientists, this article seeks to understand how different risk perceptions can be an obstacle to collaboration between these two social groups.