Monthly Archives: December 2019

Pervasive EUAs free allocation: the case of the steel industry

Sectors subject to international competition still benefit from free allocation of EU Allowances in Phase III of the EU ETS market. A frontier analysis in the steel industry show that most free permits are allocated to most polluting firms. Hence, we highlight that by protecting the EU steelmakers from international competition, free EUAs lead to a trade-off between the EU climate policy and the competition policy.

A reassessment of the Great Divergence debate

The article contributes to the literature on the Great Divergence by providing a review of all deep-rooted and proximate causes of economic growth.

Is Ethnic Diversity a Tragedy for Public good Provision in Africa?

Pioneer investigations of the economic consequences of ethnic diversity – a ubiquitous feature of African societies – found a strong and negative correlation. The...  

PhD thesis – Sustainable metal extraction, steady-state good production and cooperative wealth allocation among nations and generations : a transdisciplinary approach

This dissertation offers a transdisciplinary modeling approach to feed the debates raised by the long-run availability of mineral materials. It investigates the plausibility of a depletion threat posed to key metal resources within the current century.