A new measure of environmental reporting practice based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Based on content analysis of firms’ reference documents over 2015-2017, this article examines CAC 40 firms’ compliance with the recommendations of TCFD by building a new index to measure the disclosure of environmental information.

Land-sparing vs Land-sharing with incomplete policies

This article analyzes the trade-off between yield and farmed area when a valuable species is affected by agricultural practices.

Energy, knowledge, and demo-economic development in the long run: a unified growth model

This article provides a knowledge-based and energy-centred unified growth model of the transition from limited to sustained economic growth.

Sovereign bond yield spreads and sustainability: An empirical analysis of OECD countries

This paper studies whether and how a country’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance relates to its sovereign borrowing costs in international capital markets.

The financing of renewable energies: a bibliometric approach

This article conducts a bibliometric analysis of the academic publications on the financing of renewable energies referenced in Web of Science up to June 2018. Our analysis reveals 11 main clusters. We highlight the fact that a majority of the sample focuses on market-based policy instruments used to support renewable energy development.

Reaching Brazil’s National Determined Contributions: An Assessment of the Key Transitions in Final Demand and Employment

Using Brazil’s industrial structure and its interdependence, we evaluate the minimal changes in final demand that are needed to achieve their NDC and study the impacts that such changes could cause to the employment by industry in the country. 

Minskyan Classical Growth Cycles: Stability Analysis of a Stock-Flow Consistent Macrodynamic Model

This paper follows van der Ploeg (1987)’s research program in testing both its extension of Goodwin (1967)’s predator-prey model and the Minsky Financial Instability Hypothesis (FIH) proposed by Keen (1995).

A reassessment of the Great Divergence debate

In this article, I first look at the most recent data to define when the Little and Great Divergence occurred. Next, I sort the...  

An estimation of different minimum exergy return ratios required for society

This article shows that several minimum exergy return ratios (ExRRs) can be computed in relation to different aggregate exergy conversion efficiencies.

Research Seminar of the Chair Energy & Prosperity

Find all the sessions of the research Seminar of the Chair Energy and Prosperity and the documents sent on this occasion.