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Article from Le Monde : “Pour le pluralisme de la pensée économique en France”

French article from Le Monde, by André Orléan, Florence Jany-Catrice, Gaël Giraud et Dominique Méda, 11/07/2016 More information :

Concrete reality of energy transition

Article by Ricardo Machado published the 15th of September 2016 (in portuguese):

European economies facing deflation

Participation of Gael Giraud in the seminar Changes in the global economy of the Foundation Res Publica: link to the intervention

Societies must evolve and adapt to climate change

Article written in portuguese published in Valor economico: O parisiense Gaël Giraud, 46 anos, não é um economista tradicional. Estudioso de alternativas ao desenvolvimento,...  

Energy transition in land transportation

Categorie news 3Jean-Pierre PonssardComments Off on Energy transition in land transportation

Land transportation for passengers and merchandises is one of the major sources of CO2 emissions worldwide. Emissions are barely declining in OCDE countries and...  

Breakfast on Transport and mobility

Agenda  Welcome speech (Béatrice Jarrige)  Presentation of the chair activities for the coming trimester coming on“The energetic transition in transports “ (Jean-Pierre Ponssard)  Aurélien Bigo...  

CO2 pricing and sectoral complementary policies (workshop)

Subject of the worskshop “CO2 pricing and sectoral complementary policies” Climate policies are multi-faceted: along with carbon pricing, multiple targeted sectoral policies are now...  

Debt-Deflation versus the Liquidity Trap the Dilemma of Nonconventional Monetary Policy

Paper published in Economic Theory (Vol. 62, June 2016). This paper examines quantity-targeting monetary policy in a twoperiod economy with fiat money, durable goods and default.

The New Classical Explanation of the Stagflation: A Psychological Way of Thinking

Abstract: The stagflation phenomenon is regarded as one of the cause of the Keynesian paradigm breakdown in the 1970s. The New Classical school took...  

Tradable emission permits: beyond pollution abatement motives

In this paper we study how the electricity market characteristics determines the choices made by electricity generators in the U.S. market for SO2 allowances.