Research Fellows

Financial impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their macroeconomic implications: a stock-flow consistent approach

To what extent can worldwide carbon pricing foster the transition towards a low-carbon economy and mitigate the effects of global warming? We address this question by assessing the financial impacts and macroeconomic implications of carbon pricing and public subsidies.

A reassessment of the Great Divergence debate

The article contributes to the literature on the Great Divergence by providing a review of all deep-rooted and proximate causes of economic growth.

Is Ethnic Diversity a Tragedy for Public good Provision in Africa?

Pioneer investigations of the economic consequences of ethnic diversity – a ubiquitous feature of African societies – found a strong and negative correlation. The...  

How to explain the past trends in transport CO2 emissions in France (1960-2017)?

This paper analyses the drivers of French transport CO2 emissions over the period 1960-2017. A decomposition analysis is used to evaluate the relative contribution of five key drivers of passenger and freight transports emissions: transport demand, modal shift, vehicle load factor, energy efficiency and carbon intensity of the energy.

Empirical determinants of renewable energy deployment: A systematic literature review

This paper aims to review the growing, though limited, body of literature that has emerged in the late 2000s to study the quantitative determinants of RE development at a country level.

Climate finance and disclosure for institutional investors: why transparency is not enough

Article published in Climatic Change (2019) The finance sector’s response to pressures around climate change has emphasized disclosure, notably through the recommendations of the...  

Essays on social capital and welfare measurements

the primary motivation for this dissertation is to explore the concepts of social capital, relational capabilities, subjective well-being and development, and especially the linkages between them.

Power for empowerment: the impact of electricity on women and children in Subsahara Africa

Is electricity a vehicle of children and women empowerment in poor rural areas of the developing world? In this paper we approach the question...  

A new measure of environmental reporting practice based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Based on content analysis of firms’ reference documents over 2015-2017, this article examines CAC 40 firms’ compliance with the recommendations of TCFD by building a new index to measure the disclosure of environmental information.

Land-sparing vs Land-sharing with incomplete policies

This article analyzes the trade-off between yield and farmed area when a valuable species is affected by agricultural practices.