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What policies for the hydrogen sector? Lessons from city buses

This note identifies the two major handicaps to be overcome by the hydrogen sector in transport and uses the example of buses to illustrate the public policies that can overcome these obstacles.

Sustainable finance in Japan

This article examines the role of sustainable finance and investment in Japan and how the Japanese financial sector can mitigate growing climate risks and support Japan's transition towards a zero-carbon, sustainable economy.

Power to Empower Emerging Africa

Find the program and the report of the international conference "Energy to Empower Emerging Africa" held in Morocco on 5 and 6 March 2020.

Take our “Covid and Social Distancing” survey

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We conduct a survey about the perception of physical distancing and the individual motivations for applying it. Thank you for your participation !

Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance:The role of executive compensation programs

Article published in Industrial Relations (Avril 2020) This article examines the relationship between corporate governance and corporate sustainability by focusing on an essential component...  

Quantifying the potentials of transport CO2 emissions reductions through prospective scenarios analysis

This study compares and quantifies the potentials of 5 drivers of transport CO2 emissions reductions within French prospective scenarios by 2050.

Why local initiatives for the energy transition should coordinate. The case of cities for fuel cell buses in Europe

This paper investigates the potential benefit of coordinating local initiatives in Europe in the transport sector and provides an evaluation of the JIVE programs with respect to FCEB.

Digitalisation of goods: a systematic review of the determinants and magnitude of the impacts on energy consumption

This article studies the contribution of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to a low carbon economy.

Optimal Policy and Network Effects for the Deployment of Zero Emission Vehicles

This working paper analyzes the impact of indirect network effects in the deployment of zero emission vehicles in a static partial equilibrium model.

Financial impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their macroeconomic implications: a stock-flow consistent approach

To what extent can worldwide carbon pricing foster the transition towards a low-carbon economy and mitigate the effects of global warming? We address this question by assessing the financial impacts and macroeconomic implications of carbon pricing and public subsidies.