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Energy capture, technological change, and economic growth: an evolutionary perspective

The purpose of this article is to reformulate a clear and in-depth state of knowledge provided by a thermo-evolutionary perspective of the economic system. It is shown that during the entire human history, energy has been central to direct the successive phases of technological change and economic development.

Response to the UE public consultation:“Fitness check on the EU framework for public reporting by companies”

In their response, experts associated with the Chair emphasize the predominance of accounting standards over non-financial information to guide corporate strategies. Accounting is not neutral, and the fact that it does not integrate human and natural capital is a major obstacle to achieving the EU's sustainability objectives.

Renewable generation and network congestion: an empirical analysis of Italian Power Market

Article published in Volume 39, Special Issue 2 of The Quarterly Journal of the IAEE’s Energy Economics Education Foundation. This article empirically investigates the...  

The Impact on Long-Term Capital Investment of Accounting and Prudential Standards for European Financial Intermediaries

The aim of this paper is to explain why there is insufficient long-term capital investment despite the abundant savings collected by a booming financial sector. Special attention is given to understanding the role of today’s accounting and prudential requirements.

Oil Price Risk and Financial Contagion

In this paper we test for the existence of equity market contagion, originating from oil price fluctuations, to regional and domestic stock markets.

Assessing the implementation of the Market Stability Reserve

In this paper we model the EU-ETS in presence of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) as it is defined by that decision and investigate the impact that such a measure has in terms of permits price, output production and banking strategies. Our main finding is that the MSR succeeds in increasing the permits' price correcting an excess supply .

The French economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model

Adrien Nguyen HuuResearch FellowsComments Off on The French economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model

Speach from Luis Reyes (AFD, IRD-DIAL) at the Research Seminar of the Chair Energy and Prosperity

Coping with the Collapse: A Stock -Flow Consistent Monetary Macrodynamics of Global Warming

This paper presents a macroeconomic model of endogenous growth that takes into consideration the economic impact of climate change, the pivotal role of private debt and income distribution. The main finding is that, even though the short-run impact of climate change on economic fundamentals may seem prima facie rather minor, its long-run dynamic consequences may lead to an extreme downside. 

Monnaie et finance soutenable pour la transition vers une économie bas carbone

Dominique PlihonSandra RigotComments Off on Monnaie et finance soutenable pour la transition vers une économie bas carbone

Cette 12ème session du séminaire Financement de la transition énergétique de la se penchera sur la question du système monétaire et financier.

International Conference on Mobility Challenges

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The Chair Energy and Prosperity organizes an international workshop on sustainable mobility on December. Subscription are open.