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Sandra Rigot
Research associate

Sandra is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Paris 13 Sorbonne Cité. She is graduated with a PhD about investment and governance of pension funds. Her research interests cover institutional investors, hedge funds, asset allocation and financial regulation. She has published sevreal books « Crise et Rénovation de la Finance » (Odile Jacob) in 2009 with Michel Aglietta, « Les hedge funds, entrepreneurs ou requins de la finance ? » (Perrin) in 2009  with Michel Aglietta and Sabrina Khanniche and « L’entreprise liquidée: la finance contre l’investissement » (Michalon) en 2016  with Tristan Auvray and Thomas Dallery, « Les normes IFRS » (Repère la Découverte) avec Samira Demaria, forthcoming in 2018. She published several articles in international academic journals (Journal of Banking and Finance, Applied Economics, International Economics, Revue Economique…).

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