Previous Events

“Assessing the Efficiency-Fairness Trade-offs from a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax.”

11 October 2016

We are pleased to announce the next session of our seminar: SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR Speaker: LARRY GOULDER (STANFORD UNIVERSITY)   École...  

Interactions between a CO2 emissions trading system and renewable energy subsidies

11 October 2016

Intervention dans le cadre du séminaire de développement économique et financier durable Speaker: PHILIPPE QUIRION (CNRS CIRED) ABSTRACT: We study the interactions between a...  

Breakfast on Transport and mobility

7 October 2016

Agenda  Welcome speech (Béatrice Jarrige)  Presentation of the chair activities for the coming trimester coming on“The energetic transition in transports “ (Jean-Pierre Ponssard)  Aurélien Bigo...  

CO2 pricing and sectoral complementary policies (workshop)

18 April 2016

Subject of the worskshop “CO2 pricing and sectoral complementary policies” Climate policies are multi-faceted: along with carbon pricing, multiple targeted sectoral policies are now...