The French economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model

AFD - Paris
13 July 2018 to 13 July 2018 15h - 17h
The next session of the Research Seminar of the Chair Energy and Prosperity will take place on Friday 13 of July at 3:00 PM at the Agence Française de Développement. We will receive  Luis REYES (AFD, IRD-DIAL) for an initial speach on:

The French economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model

We set up an empirical stock-flow consistent model for France for the longest time span possible (1980-2017) based on official consolidated data. The structure of the system of equations is consistent with national and financial accounts, and follows the basic stock-flow principles in the spirit of Tobin (1982) and Godley and Lavoie (2007). The model distinguishes 5 institutional sectors, contains watertight accounting for non-financial transactions and flow of funds, as well as explicit dynamics for over 250 equations up to this point. Preliminary scenarios on fiscal and monetary policy are discussed, which show the impact of these shocks on several relevant macroeconomic variables..

Date :  13 july 2018 de 15h à 17h
Place :  AFD – 5 Rue Roland Barthes, 75012 Paris – Salle E05100


The seminar of the Chair Energy & Prosperity is dedicated to encourage discussion between members of the Chair that are affiliated in different academic institutions. It allows them to present and discuss their ongoing work to research associates. External researchers are also invited to assist or to speak in the seminar in order to open the scientific horizon on the 3 axis of the chair.

It is organized by Adrien Nguyen Huu (Université de Montpellier).