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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets at least once a year or at the written request of either Party upon prior submission of a complete agenda and of all necessary associated documents. At the request of a Party, the Steering Committee may convene the Operation Committee and / or the Scientific Committee if it considers necessary.

  • The Operation Committee addresses a Progress Report to the Steering Committee, on a regular basis.
  • The Scientific Committee addresses to The Steering Committee its assessment of the Chair’s work.

The Steering Committee approves on a unanimity rule the proposals for upcoming events issued by the Scientific Committee. It may amend them. based on the reasoned opinion of the Scientific Committee. In case of disagreement, the decisions of the Steering Committee prevail. If unable to reach unanimity, the proposals by the Operation Committee are rejected.

The Steering Committee votes the annual budget of the Chair. The vote of the annual budget of the chair is only opened to representatives of financial partners, which fund the Chair for the on-going fiscal year..

The Steering Committee is appointed by cooptation for a 2-year term. A secretary will be appointed at the meeting and will draft documents issued by the Steering Committee. The list of members of the Steering Committee may change if new financial partners were to join the Chair.

Financial partners are represented by :
•    ADEME, Gaël Callonnec
•    AFD, Ophélie Risler
•    Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Pierre-Etienne Franc
•    Caisse des Dépôts, Frédéric Bonnardel
•    Mirova, Hervé Guez
•    Schneider Electric, Gilles Vermot Desroches
•    SNCF, Raphaël Poli

Academic partners are represented by :
•    Ecole Normale Supérieure, Frédéric Worms
•    Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Administration Economique, Didier Janci
•    Ecole Polytechnique, Frank Pacard

Fondation du risque is represented by :
•    Jean-Michel Beacco

Scientific directors :
•    Gaël Giraud, CNRS et AFD
•    Jean-Pierre Ponssard, CNRS et Ecole polytechnique

Operation Committee

The Chair has established an Operation Committee to organize and track its calls for papers/projects. The Operation Committee meets regularly or at the written request of either of the Parties, on prior presentation of a completed agenda of all necessary documents. Decisions of the Operation Committee shall be taken unanimously. The Operation Committee Secretariat is provided by a member of the Operation Committee.

The role of the Operation Committee in particular is to define and monitor the programs and activities of the Chair, to examine documents and reports submitted by the Chair members for agreement before publication, and undertake any other activity that would prove necessary for the proper execution of the financing agreements. The role of the Operation Committee is more particularly focused on the following tasks:
– Validation of research actions and programs according to the main research objectives of the Chair. Evolution of the Chair research agenda;
– Promotion of the international outreach of the Chair: invitations to foreign teachers, organization of symposia, international scientific collaborations, partnerships with international organizations, government agencies, or businesses;
– Implementation of request for proposals and calls for papers on the general themes of the Chair and selection of projects;
– Partnerships development with research centers enabling to impulse strong synergies and create threshold effects necessary to excellence in research;
– Development of educational and training proposals, including actions such as training courses, continuing education, doctoral scholarships in connection with the Parties.

The Operation Committee establishes for each of its meeting a report on the ongoing work within the Chair and new work proposals. The Operation Committee shall issue an opinion before the publication of documents produced by the Chair. The Operation Committee is composed of :

  • Gaël Giraud, CNRS et AFD
  • Jean-Pierre Ponssard, CNRS et Ecole polytechnique
  • Patricia Crifo, Université Paris Ouest
  • Guy Meunier, Inra & École polytechnique
  • Dominique Plihon, Professeur émérite, Université Paris Nord
  • Antonin Pottier, Ecole des Mines Paristech, CERNA
  • Marion Cohen, Secretary General of the Chair Energy and Prosperity
  • Christine Lavaur, chargée de communication
  • Nicolas Bouleau, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées ParisTech

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee aims to enrich the work of the Chair, through peer validation and enhancement of its international status. It consists of about a half dozen scientists, non-member of the Chair, who conducts research in fields similar and complementary to those of the Chair. Its mission is to bring an external vision and constructive criticism on productions of the Chair and to increase its academic notoriety, especially internationally. It issues advisory opinions and recommendations to the Steering Committee. It will meet if possible during the main annual event of the Chair. The list of members of the Scientific Committee will be proposed by the scientific coordinators of the Chair, in consultation with the financial partners. The Scientific Committee meets at least once a year under the chairmanship of Mr. Nicolas Bouleau.

The documents of the Scientific Committee are drafted by a secretary, appointed at the meeting. The President of the Scientific Committee and members of the Scientific Committee are appointed for the term of the agreement by the Steering Committee . The Scientific Committee is composed of the following personalities:

  • Nicolas Bouleau, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées ParisTech, France, Président du comité
  • Carolyn Fischer, Senior Fellow Resources for the Future, Washington DC, USA
  • Roger Guesnerie, Collège de France, France
  • Jeannot Ramiaramanana, Directeur du Centre d’Économie et d’Éthique pour l’Environnement et le Développement, India
  • Thomas Sterner, Professor Environmental Economics University of Göthenburg, Sweden
  • Hervé Le Treut, Directeur de l’Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, France
  • Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium