International Conference: Innovation and climate change governance

Innovation is key for the energy transition as it allows to reduce the cost of existing low-carbon technologies and to develop new clean technologies together with new uses. The governance of climate and innovation policies involves several actors: states, partly constrained by international agreements, local jurisdictions (cities, regions), transnational initiatives, multinational companies and NGOs. All these policies are usually fragmented and not coordinated.

The objective of the conference was to improve our understanding of the interaction between climate and innovation policies in this multi-layer governance landscape by bringing together scholars in economics working on innovation policies, multilateral agreements, and sectoral climate policies.

This conference benefited from a financial support from ADEME.

Conference Organizers: Basak Bayramoglu (INRAE-PSAE), Guy Meunier (INRAE-PSAE), and
Jean-Pierre Ponssard (CNRS-IP Paris)

Agenda, presentations and papers discussed

Thursday 19th of May

9:15-11:15: Intellectual property and green innovation

11:45-12:45: PhD session – 1

14:15-16:15: Transition dynamics and Innovation

16:45 – 17:45: PhD session – 2 Hydrogen

Friday 20th of May

9:15- 11:15: Multilateral agreements

11:45-12:45: PhD session – 3

14:00-16:00: Sectoral policies