Financial regulation and innovative financing


The adaptation of the financial system is one of the major challenges posed by the transition to a low-carbon economy. The research work already carried out has shown the lack of long-term investors, the need for new products and strategies, both on the part of private actors and public authorities, not only to align financial flows with the objectives of the energy transition, but also to address the new financial risks associated with climate change.

Future work will be structured around this issue and will benefit of the seminar series conducted with the joint participation of researchers, professionals and regulatory authorities. Working papers, policy papers and academic articles will review the state of the debate and knowledge on financing issues and the financial risks of the energy transition.

Research topics

This axis deals with four core research topics:

1/ Financial regulation for the energy transition

2/ The evolution of central banking in the context of the energy transition

3/ Innovative financial schemes for the energy transition

4/ Corporate governance and energy transition

Research team

Coordination: Jézabel Couppey Soubeyran (University Paris 1), Dominique Plihon (University Paris 13, CEPN), Sandra Rigot (University Paris 13 CEPN)

Researchers : Sandra Cavaco (Université Panthéon-Assas), Cécile Cézanne (University Nice Côte d’Azur, Gredeg), Patricia Crifo (Ecole Polytechnique), Samira Demaria (University Nice Côte d’Azur, Gredeg), Caroline Granier (Fabrique de l’industrie), Hugues Chenet (University College London), Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier (Banque de France), Nicolas Mottis (Ecole Polytechnique), Laurence Scialom (Université Paris Ouest), Antoine Rebérioux (Université Paris 7)

Doctoral students : Vincent Bouchet (Ecole Polytechnique), Clémence Bourcet (Université Paris 13, CEPN), Jérôme Deyris (Université Paris Ouest)