International Conference on Mobility Challenges

Ecole CentraleSupélec Université Paris Saclay
6 décembre 2018 to 7 décembre 2018 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Land transportation for passengers and merchandises is one of the major sources of CO2 emissions worldwide and urban toxic particles (NOx, fine particles…). Emissions are barely declining in OCDE countries and bound to grow in emerging countries due to the increase in standards of living and urbanization. This situation creates an important challenge for the mitigation of climate change and the preservation of human health: new technologies have been launched, a set of complementary policies has been designed both national and local, and consuming habits are changing.

Coordinators: Jean-Pierre Ponssard (Chair Energy and Prosperity) and Yannick Perez (Chair Armand Peugeot)

Preliminary program

  • Thursday morning

9:00 11:00 Plenary session

What perspective for mobility (car sharing, combination of public and private transport modes, autonomous vehicles, …) what impacts on consuming habits, on the composition of the total car park, what will be the interactions between the players, at what horizon, regulatory issues.

11:30 13:00 Plenary session

What impact of the policies of large conurbations (technical norms, driving restrictions, urban tolls…) on the future technological mix and on transportation modes, what strategic implication in terms of industrial policies

  • Thursday afternoon

14:00 16:00 Plenary session

-Where do we stand at this stage and what at are the future infrastructures needs for battery electric 
vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles, what role for public and private partnerships, complementarity 
issues with demand side incentives.

-What financial instruments for financing infrastructure needs for the energy transition, how R&D may 
affect these needs in the future

16:30 18:00 Round table: previous speakers + invited guests

Conference dinner

  • Friday 

8:30 10:00 Tutorials for Phd and Post doc students in parallel sessions

10:30 12:30 Tutorials for Phd and Post doc students in parallel sessions (continued)

14:00 16:00 Technical visits of research sites on the Saclay campus will be organized

General information

The conference is jointly organized by the chair Energy and Prosperity and the chair Armand Peugeot

Timing : December 6-7 2018

Location : Ecole CentraleSupélec Université Paris Saclay

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