Research Seminar of the Chair Energy & Prosperity

Find all the sessions of the research Seminar of the Chair Energy and Prosperity and the documents sent on this occasion.

The seminar of the Chair Energy & Prosperity is dedicated to encourage discussion between members of the Chair that are affiliated in different academic institutions. It allows them to present their ongoing work to other research associates. External researchers are also invited to assist or to speak in the seminar in order to open the scientific horizon on the 3 axis of the chair. The seminar is organized by Adrien Nguyen Huu and Florent McIsaac. It is hosted on a monthly basis by AFD.

Find below all the 2018 sessions and the documents sent on this occasion

  • Managing Energy for Development, Francesco Ricci (CEE-M, Univ. Montpellier), (21/12/18)

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  • Transitions énergétique, démographique, et économique: deux essais de modélisation, Victor Court (University of Sussex), (16/11/18)

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  • How we cooperate: A Kantian explanation, John E. Roemer (Yale University), (23/10/18)

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  • The French economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model, Luis REYES (AFD, IRD-DIAL), (13/07/18)

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  • Des Physiciens et des Economistes: à la recherche d’un paradigme, Christophe Goupil (LIED, Université Paris-Diderot), (08/06/18)

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  • The use of physical and monetary data in the GEMMES model, Daniel Bastidas (Université Paris 1) et Fatma Rostom (Université Paris 1), (06/04/18)

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  • Autour de GEMMES. Retour sur la Courbe de Phillips, 60 ans de disparition, de réapparition… et d’incompréhension, Aurélien Goutsmedt (CES, Université Panthon-Sorbonne), (09/03/18)

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Download Aurélien Goutsmedt PHD Thesis “Macroeconomists and the stagflation – Essays on macroeconomy’s transformation in the 1970’s

  • Could energetic constraints be slowing economic growth?, Paul Brockway (University of Leeds, UK), (09/02/18)

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  • GEMMES : Improvements of macroeconomic modeling by integration of ecological assets, robustness, and profit expectations, Edouard Dosseto et Hadrien Lantremange (Université Panthéon-Sorbonne), (12/01/18)

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